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The Centre for Spirituality, Theology & Health: 

  • engages with the study of spirituality in the context of religious faith, and amongst those who are spiritual but not religious 
  • explores the relevance of spirituality for professional practice in healthcare 
  • brings together scientific and theological ways of thinking about spirituality 
  • works with church and society to deepen understanding of spirituality in practice 

"Spirituality is a distinctive, potentially creative, and universal dimension of human experience arising both within the inner subjective awareness of individuals and within communities, social groups and traditions. It may be experienced as a relationship with that which is intimately inner immanent and personal, within the self and others, and/or as relationship with that which is wholly other, transcendent and beyond the self. It is experienced as being of fundamental or ultimate importance and is thus concerned with matters of meaning and purpose in life, truth, and values." 

- Cook (2004)