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Overseas Opportunities

Harvard University and Durham University have established an exciting new doctoral student visiting programme, allowing Durham students to spend time with research collaborators at Harvard, and vice versa.  

From computational cosmology to renaissance narratives, from pioneering new research on children's well-being in war zones to classical literature, this programme offers advanced PhD students important opportunities to further their research and broaden their thinking in their chosen field. 

Both institutions believe it is important for the graduate student experience to include the stimulation of discussion, new techniques, access to documents, samples and fieldwork as well as exposure to complementary approaches to their research question that visits to other research groups can provide. 

The scheme generously provides assistance with visas, access to university housing, libraries and other research facilities, and academic support for short periods (generally 3 to 6 months). 

The main contact for the scheme at Durham is: Dr Fiona O'Carroll 

The main contact for the scheme at Harvard is: Mr Patrick O'Brien 

My time with the Program on Science Technology and Society at the Harvard Kennedy School of Government gave me the valuable opportunity to be immersed in a strong community of supportive, rigorous, enthusiastic and dedicated STS scholars, whose combination of careful questioning and thorough reading challenged and improved both my thinking and writing. Interdisciplinary colleagues helped widen my scope of reference and depth of understanding.

Rachel Douglas-Jones
Social Anthropology PhD student