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Accommodation Costs

The majority of Durham undergraduates live in College accommodation in their first year, then can chose to either stay in College accommodation or find private rented accommodation in subsequent years.

External shot of accommodation block

College accommodation

If you live in one of Durham University's Colleges you will pay a residence charge. This covers your accommodation itself, utilities, meals (in catered Colleges) and a wide range of facilities. See what your College provides here.

Some Colleges allow you to pay a refundable deposit of £20 for a laundry card which entitles you to free laundry and drying for as long as you live in College. If you have to pay per wash/dry the typical cost is £3.50 per wash/dry. You will have to pay for your own laundry detergent.

We have a number of catered Colleges where you will be provided with three meals per day seven days a week. Catering charges are separate to room charges, but will be included in your overall accommodation offer.  If you live in a self-catered College you will need to pay for your own food, crockery, utensils, washing up liquids etc.

Paying for your College accommodation

You will be asked to make a payment of Advanced Rent to secure your college accommodation. This payment will be offset from the first instalment of charges. You will be sent an invoice for your College accommodation in the first few weeks of the academic year.

If you set up a direct debit three equal payments will be taken out of your bank account on 1 December 2022, 1 February 2023 and 1 June 2023.

If you do not set up a direct debit you are responsible for paying your invoice no later than 2 November 2022, 23 January 2023 and 8 May 2023.

There are instructions on how to set up a direct debit and contact details for queries here. If you do not set up a direct debit you should follow the payment instructions on your invoice.

Direct debit is the University's preferred method of payment.

Private rented accommodation

If you live in private rented accommodation you will pay for your rent, your food and household shopping.  Make sure you check whether utility bills are included in your rent otherwise this will also be an additional charge.

Student accommodation is usually fully furnished and comes with a cooker, fridge and washing machine.  Always check your contract before you sign it to make sure these things are provided.  You will probably have to provide your own crockery, utensils, bed linen, cushions, and other comforts to make the place your own. 

The majority of student accommodation is rented from 1 July - 30 June. This means that you will pay rent for 12 months of the year, starting in the Long Vacation before the academic year.  If you decide to live in private rented accommodation you must make sure you can afford to pay rent over the Long Vacation.  Most undergraduates also pay a deposit equivalent to one month's rent.  Remember to factor this into your first year budget!

Don't let yourself be pressured into signing up for private rented accommodation you can't afford. There is a variety of private accommodation available spread across Durham City and its surrounding areas. 

Please read the advice from our Accommodation and Allocations Office and our Durham Students' Union before signing up.

The cost of private rented accommodation in Durham ranges widely. Typically accommodation near the city centre is more expensive, with costs dropping in relation to distance from the city centre.  It is your responsibility to make sure that you can afford your rent.