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Transcripts/certificates/exam results

We only need to see transcripts or certificates that are relevant to the entry requirements of the course. Any additional certificates, such as sports awards, will not be considered.

These must clearly display your name, institution, qualification and grade(s).


If your official transcript is in any language other than English, you must submit:

  • the original official transcript, and
  • a translation of the transcript into English which is either:
    • Issued and stamped by the institution that issued your transcript, or
    • Translated by a professional translator and visibly certified – i.e. signed and stamped – by the professional translator or an authorised notary.

Any non-English transcripts you upload to your application without a translation may not be considered.

English language evidence (offer holders: non-native English speakers)

If you are a non-native speaker of English, you will need to provide evidence of your proficiency should you receive an offer from us.

Passport scan (offer holders: if you need a Student Visa)

If you need a Student Visa to study in the UK, we need your passport number to issue you a CAS. If you were unable to provide this on your UCAS application or have recently renewed your passport, please upload a scanned copy of your picture page.

Substitute personal statement (optional)

This is optional and only accepted if you’re applying for a different subject at Durham which doesn’t match your UCAS personal statement.

Under-18 form (if stated in your offer)

If your offer states you need to provide an Under-18 form, please upload a copy signed by your legal guardian/parent.

Mitigating circumstances (optional, conditional offer holders only)

If you have experienced unexpected circumstances which have adversely affected your current studies, and you couldn’t report these to your examination board(s) by the required deadlines, you may wish to submit a Mitigating Circumstances form plus relevant evidence.

Read our guidance on Mitigating Circumstances before completing the form.

Fee Status Assessment form (optional, if you appeal your fee status)

If you have asked for a fee status appeal, we may have asked you to complete a ‘Fee Status Assessment form’ and to send us the completed form along with relevant supporting evidence. Please email this to

Additional references (by request only)

Occasionally we might ask for an additional reference. Please only upload an additional reference if it has been requested as we will not consider additional references.

Curriculum Vitae (CV) (by request only)

Occasionally we might ask to consider your CV, please only upload a copy of your CV if it has been requested as we will not consider this unless we have asked for this.