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11 November 2022 - 11 November 2022

5:30PM - 7:30PM

Gala Theatre, Durham

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Durham University Ukrainian Talk series with Dr Markian Prokopovych

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In the past few decades, researchers, clinicians, and those in contact with military veterans have paid an increasing amount of attention to the moral trauma that war creates. Moral Injury (MI), characterised by the persistent presence of guilt and shame, the loss of faith in institutions and moral structures and a collapse of frameworks by which people make meaning of their lives, will certainly be seen in the combatants as well as the civilians deeply affected by the war in Ukraine.  However, nearly all of the current research on MI is based on Western European and North American values and worldviews. As such, the experiences of those deeply affected by the war in Ukraine may challenge assumptions that govern current work on MI and offer fresh insight into wartime moral trauma.

This series is organised jointly by Durham University, Zaporizhzhia National University in Ukraine and Durham County Council.


  • Rev'd Andrii Khomyshyn, military chaplain of the Ukrainian Greek-Catholic Church
  • Prof Oleksii Makarenkov, Associate Professor of Law, ZNU
  • Revd Dr Brian S. Powers, Bernard William Vann Fellow in Christianity and the Armed Forces, Durham University
  • Prof Michael Snape, Michael Ramsey Professor of Anglican Studies, Durham University
  • Tetiana Stawnychy, President of Caritas Ukraine

Chair: Dr Markian Prokopovych, Associate Professor of History, Durham University.

To join the event online for free, please register via Zoom (you will need a Zoom account).



£2 online/by telephone, £1 when booked in-person, free to Ukrainian refugees, free to join via Zoom