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Our actions towards SDG10 reduced Inequalities

Disabled students make up over 20% of the student population at Durham. We work with partners across the University to make sure our environments, policies and practices are inclusive. Our mission is to support disabled students to engage fully with their learning experience and achieve academic suc

Disability support Support for disability accommodation


Professor Colin Mcfarlane is author of 'Learning the City: Knowledge and Translocal Assemblage' (Blackwell), a book focussed on the intersections between urban inequality, politics, and learning.
Prof Mcfarlane's research on urban inequality, politics, and learning
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Wider Student Experience

Durham STAR is part of STAR, a national charity supporting asylum seekers and refugees. We are a group of students working towards campaigning to improve the lives of refugees and educate people about refugees and asylum. STAR students campaign for a future where Britain provides a truly safe haven for people fleeing persecution.
improve the lives of refugees and educate people about refugees and asylum
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Living the Values

The counselling and mental health service is delivered by staff members that are trained to deliver a package of support that will be tailored to reflect your individual needs. This could include self-help, workshops and groups, brief 1:1 intervention, signposting, referrals into local NHS or specialist services, or counselling.​​​​​​​
Counselling and Mental Health information
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Durham has been a CARA partners since WW2, when CARA was then known as the Society for the Protection of Science and Learning. We continue to host fellows and their families today and have a tailored programme in place to ensure the transition to life in Durham is as smooth as possible.
Council for At Risk Academics
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Local and Regional

A consortium – led by Durham University – of eight universities and eight companies was awarded almost £600,000 in December 2018 aimed at boosting the representation of women, disabled and LGBT+ people, and people from Black and Minority Ethnic backgrounds in Engineering and Physical Sciences in the North of England.
Northern Power - Inclusion Matters
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Inspiring a feeling of belonging

Networks are all about people; they are about progressive change; they are all about supporting the employee journey and inspiring a feeling of belonging. Our continued success at Durham relies on the many talents of all our staff. We aim to create an environment to maximise the benefit of our diverse community, enabling all staff and students to achieve their full potential and help us to attract and retain some of the most talented and motivated staff from around the world.
Our Staff Networks
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Key Initiatives on EDI

Our work in embedding Equality Diversity and Inclusion throughout Durham University is centred around several key strands of work, such as access and disability, gender equality and Athena Swan and our commitment to working to support lesbian, gay and bisexual staff.
Explore our Key Initiatives on EDI
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Menopause Policy

We are committed to providing an inclusive and supportive working environment for everyone and to foster an environment in which colleagues can openly and comfortably initiate conversations or engage in discussions about menopause.

Menopause is a natural part of life, and it is not always an easy transition. With the right support, it can be much better. Whilst not everyone suffers with symptoms, supporting those who do will improve their experience at work. Experiences and perceptions of the menopause may differ from person to person.
Explore our Menopase Policy
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Family Friendly Policies

We have made some key improvements to our family-friendly policies to match the most generous occupational pay benefits in the university sector.

Paternity Leave and Pay Policy Parental Leave Policy