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About Us

CIS provides the IT tools, services and support that the University needs to maintain its reputation for world-class teaching and research.

From quickly fixing your troublesome tech to long-term strategic projects to improve your digital experience, we’re here to help you do your best work whether you’re working on campus, in the field, or at home.

What we do

CIS underpins the day-to-day operations and objectives of every Department, as well as the student experience, so we’re a very busy bunch. Every day, we work hard to provide and maintain the hardware, software and systems you need to excel in your work or study.

Some of our main tasks include:

  • Digital strategy – to keep Durham University at the forefront of digital services and innovation
  • Major infrastructure projects – to deliver better, faster and more secure IT services
  • IT support – to make sure you can easily use the tech you need, whenever you need it
  • Software purchasing – to help staff buy and access specialist software
  • IT maintenance – keeping systems up-and-running, safely and securely
  • IT policy – writing and enforcing IT policy to protect users and the University.


Where you’ll find us

To make sure you can get the support you need, our friendly experts either work:

  • From the central CIS office – easily accessible via Live Chat (as well as phone or email,if you prefer)
  • Around campus – assisting and troubleshooting problems as they arise
  • You can contact us through the IT Service Desk (as well as using the CIS Self-Service Portal).

Our digital strategy

Our senior management team work at the highest level within the University, managing and prioritising £60m to deliver Durham’s vision for world-class IT services. Find out more about our digital strategy.

Our projects

Tech doesn’t stand still and neither do we. We’re always planning new developments to keep Durham University at the forefront of IT services and innovation. Take a look at our projects page for information about exciting things we’re working on at the minute.