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Our Projects

Technology doesn’t stand still and neither do we. We’re always planning new developments to keep Durham University at the forefront of digital services and innovation. It’s all part of our commitment to you and what you can achieve at Durham with the right technology and tools.

Here’s just a few of our current projects:

Improving online learning

Interactive online learning is more important than ever, which is why we’re investing in our Virtual Learning Environment. We’re upgrading to the latest version to provide easier use for academics and tutors, plus greater compatibility for users on mobile devices.

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Developing staff skills

We believe in investing in our employees so that they’re confident and highly competent at work. This project will implement Oracle Learning Cloud for Durham University Staff Training, to provide a single secure platform to book and deliver staff training.

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Upgrading our website

Our website is our shop window, showing the world what Durham University offers and achieves. This project will develop a new design and structure for our website, to deliver a user experience that matches our global reputation. Behind the scenes, we’ll implement a new web content management system and governance model.

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Streamlining data collection

Universities spend a lot of time collecting data for HESA returns. A project is underway to combine these data returns into one, saving time and duplicated effort. Longer-term, combined student data should start to remove the need for separate data collections for other Professional Statutory and Regulatory Bodies, too.

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Protecting against cyber threats

Cyber-attacks against IT systems pose a significant risk to any organisation. This project will implement a solution to scan key University IT systems for commonly known security vulnerabilities so they can be fixed, as well as developing robust security update management policies and procedures for best practice management of IT security fixes. 

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Our Success Stories

A new network backbone

We want our staff and students to have a reliable, resilient network that provides them with high-speed internet whenever they need it. So we’ve laid 136.5km of fibre-optic cable throughout the city to ensure all of our University buildings are part of this strong network.

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New scalable user-facing storage

Everyone needs secure storage – a place to keep files safe, access them easily and share them with others. Thanks to our new storage services, staff and students have access to more storage than ever before. Plus, it’s faster, bigger, and more flexible and accessible than ever. For the academic and research community, we have launched a Storage Manager Tool as well as Personal Research Storage (PRS) and Shared Research Storage (SRS) to meet the specific needs of research projects.

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A new hosting environment

No one wants unexpected service outages whilst IT gets upgraded or maintained. So we’ve upgraded to a better hosting platform – more scalable and resilient – to make sure the tech need can always be fulfilled.

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Unlocking the potential of Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 is much more than just Word, Excel and PowerPoint. We’ve raised awareness through software adoption specialists and digital champions, and worked on specific cases with departments to unlock the full potential of this powerful package.

Want to get involved in projects like these? Keep an eye on our Job Opportunities page.