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IM accessibility toolkit

Inclusion Matters Accessibility and Inclusion Toolkit

As part of the Northern Power Inclusion Matters project, we have created an Accessibility and Inclusion toolkit that provides guidance, support and resources for making every day working life accessible and inclusive to all.

The Toolkit comes with advice and guidelines on practical and actionable mechanisms to provide supportive and inclusive environments, for different user-groups, in different settings. This toolkit provides useful things to consider and basic principles for engagement, so everyone has equal access to information and opportunities.

Accessiblity Guidance

When creating information online or otherwise it is vital to consider all accessibility needs at the outset. Click on the below document image to see the full comprehensive guidance of do’s and don’ts when designing for those with accessible needs.


  • Use simple colours
  • Follow a linear logical layout
  • Use good colour contrasts and readable font sizes
  • Keep content short, clear and simple
  • Make large clickable actions
  • Use subtitles for videos
  • Make important information clear


  • Use a figure of speech
  • Force mouse or screen use
  • Bury information in downloads
  • Put too much information in one place
  • Bunch interactions together
  • Read long blocks of text
  • Make support hard to access

Click the image for accessibility guidance

Accessibility Guidance