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Disability Network

The Disability Network at Durham was launched in January 2020, Chaired by Julie Rattray Associate Professor in the Department of Education. Membership to the network is confidential and open to anyone who self identifies as having a disability irrespective of what it is.

The aims of the Network are to first and foremost provide a voice for staff with disabilities and to create a space where issues affecting staff with disabilities can be discussed in a supportive and confidential way. However, it is not just about the sharing of experiences, no matter how important that is. The network is about establishing a legitimate voice for staff with disabilities and ensuring that our voices are heard in the right places.

As a network we know that experiences are not all the same and that the experiences we have of being a member of staff with a disability is intersectional and is related to other facets of ourselves and identities. To this end we acknowledge that as disabled people we do not all speak with one voice or have a common set of experiences, however, there are things that bring us together that do relate to issues associated with being a member of staff with a disability and together we can represent these in a meaningful and constructive way.

The network is a new network and as such we are still finding our way and developing our identity and agenda as a network but I am confident that we can build something vibrant that helps to shape the future of the university and ensures greater representation of staff with disabilities in the future.

The durham staff network is affiliated to the National Association of disabled Staff networks

If you would like to join the network and be added to our virtual Disability "team" you can let us know by emailing 

Julie Rattray, Disability Network Chair

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