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View of the courtyard of the Castle, Durham, 1838 (Durham University Library, SD 00280)

Two Library and Collections projects are being undertaken to explore the University’s history, as part of the broader Race Equality Charter action plan.

In summer 2022, following an extensive consultation process, we received confirmation of our Bronze Race Equality Charter (REC) award. As part of our REC action plan, our University Library and Collections department are working on two projects.

‘Legacies of Enslavement and Colonialism at Durham University’ is a research project which will begin to explore the University’s institutional archives and other sources in order to enhance understanding of any potential involvement with colonialism and historical slavery or income derived from historical slavery.  

 The second workstream is to assess historic and current collections care and curatorial practice, which incorporates collections management, interpretation and access. Internal and external stakeholders will have input into actions in response to the findings and resulting policies will be written in line with emerging best practice in the sector.    

 For more information please visit our webpage on the project