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Course Content Overview

The origins of the black story

Hours 1-2

Anti-racism and Intersectionality

Hours 3-4

Understanding your own biases

Hours 5-6

1. Introduction to the course

Work with other learners to agree acceptable behavious, creating safe space for open discussion


4. Cultural celebrrations 

A look at the importance of Notting Hill carnival and an exploration of the importance of your name and idendity


7. I'm not a racist, I have black friends

A more in-depth look at racism, the concepts of privilege, fragility, reverse racism and cancel culture


2. There's no such thing as a black race

Explore the term 'black' as a race, people and culture. The consortium of race and who benefits from it? Examples of microaggressions and racist behavious.


5. You can't call someone that

A look at language and the perceptions it creates. How to have conversations around culture and identity. Breaking down barriers to structural racism


8. Myth: Isn't awareness enough?

Understanding the importance of allyship and championing change using the influence you have for change and making a commitment to it.


3. Myth: All British Black people originate from slavery

Consider the dangers of telling single stories. Why you should champion a more balanced teaching of our history


6. You can't put me in a box

Dangers of a single label or identity and the issues with cluster labels. The differences between labels that are misinterpreted as the same thing and what not to say


9. Myth: I don't see race

Finally, a look at apathy from the individual to the institution. The importance of change and the generational differences in race perceptions.