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Organisation Development provides professional development, which also includes learning and development in Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) for the Durham University community.

The University recognises the contribution its employees make to its success. It also recognises that to maintain a committed and competent workforce, it needs to ensure that there is adequate training and development provided for all.

All employees are entitled to an allocated amount of Continuous Professional Development time. To find out how much this is, please speak to your line manager.

The University is committed to making the most effective use of the talents, skills and abilities of its workforce and to helping all employees maximise the contribution they can make.

Development Opportunities

We are keen to support our staff in both their personal and professional development. To do this we offer a range of opportunities available to all staff to help them improve their skills, knowledge and competencies including workshops, online resources, coaching and mentoring and leadership programmes. A range of leadership programmes are provided including:

  • Team Leader Essentials
  • Managing People at Durham University
  • Diversifying Leadership (Advance HE)
  • Aurora (Advance HE)
  • Aspiring Strategic Leaders
  • DU Leadership Attributes Webinar Series
  • Senior Leader Strategic Induction Programme
  • Operational Management Programme for Senior Leaders
  • Transforming Leadership Programme (Advance HE)
  • Matariki International HE Leadership Programme

Career Development tools for Professional Services Staff

There are a range of career development tools for Professional Services Staff including job families, a behavioural framework, a skills framework, a development roles process and apprenticeships to support a personal development journey and empower staff to be proactive about their career progression – this is our Career Pathway Framework. 

We aim to support careers by providing information about the range of roles across the University.  Each service area have roles which progress in their level of competency and our career pathways sets out roles in some of these areas and the skills, behaviours, qualifications, experiences and development that might be needed for different roles at different grades. Our staff can undertake training fully funded by the apprenticeship levy to gain professional qualifications available as an apprenticeship standard in a range of areas and levels from Level 2 (GCSE level) through to Level 7 (Master's level).

How to use the career pathways:

  • Review the individual career pathways to see which area you want to learn more about
  • Within the pathway click onto specific roles to find out more about the job role and the skills, behaviours and experiences required
  • Each career pathway provides suggestions of training and development activities which may support your personal and professional development for you to consider.

Click here to view our Estates and Facilities career pathway: Development Opportunities Career Pathways