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Josephine Butler College kicks off the new academic year by reopening its beloved college bar, which has undergone a transformation. The newly unveiled JB's promises to be a focal point for students, alumni, and community members alike, offering a modern and inviting space for social gatherings and relaxation.

The refurbishment project, which took place earlier in the year, represents a significant investment in enhancing the College's facilities. JB's has been reimagined to provide an atmosphere that combines contemporary style with a nod to the College's rich history.

Josephine Butler College Principal Professor Gillian Hampden-Thompson expressed her excitement about the refurbishment: "JB's Bar is not only a place to eat and drink but also a space to build connections, foster friendships, and create lasting memories. We wanted to ensure that the new space reflects our College's spirit and commitment and the newly reopened JB's has achieved this.”

An industrial aesthetic 

The revamped JB's Bar boasts an industrial aesthetic with a contemporary ambiance. The interior features a harmonious blend of warm wood tones and comfortable seating areas that encourage both relaxation and social interaction. One of the standout changes is the application of a black architectural film to the bar. The colour scheme reflects the college’s identity with vibrant red walls and yellow columns complementing the new black bar area. Scaffold plank tables and benches finish off the new look.  

The refurbishment of JB’s has been met with widespread enthusiasm among students. Ellie Briggs, the Hospitality and Bar Steward for this year, said of the new-look bar: “JB’s has always been one of my favourite spaces to be In Durham, where I’ve made some of my best memories, and I think the new look really adds to this. The atmosphere created by the new colour scheme and furniture makes it feel like a much more comfortable and welcoming space that I think really gives JB’s its own identity.”

As the academic year begins, the College looks forward to welcoming new and returning members to experience the warmth and vibrancy of JB's —a place where friendships are forged, memories are made, and the Josephine Butler spirit thrives. 


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