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Jane Robinson next to one of her book covers

Acclaimed social historian Jane Robinson illuminates Josephine Butler's legacy as part of the Scholar's Supper Series.

Social historian Jane Robinson, renowned for her works on women pioneers and their profound impact on society, delivered an enlightening talk as part of the Scholar's Supper Series at Josephine Butler College. The event, held on Monday 16 October kicked off this year’s series and drew together students, academics, and history enthusiasts eager to explore the life and legacy of the iconic 19th-century British heroine.

Jane Robinson, a distinguished author and speaker, has written extensively on remarkable women in history. Her books include:

  • 'Hearts and Minds', a hidden history of the fight for the vote;
  • 'Bluestockings', which chronicles the pioneering women who accessed higher education in Britain;
  • and groundbreaking biographies of influential figures like nurse Mary Seacole, social reformer and artist Barbara Bodichon, and the inspirational humanitarian Josephine Butler herself.

During her engaging talk, Robinson eloquently traced Josephine Butler's extraordinary journey and the defining moments that shaped her legacy. She highlighted Josephine's empathetic nature and her dedication to alleviating human suffering, even in the face of adversity.

Robinson's discussion also extended to Josephine Butler's fight against the Contagious Diseases Acts (CDAs) and the lasting impact of her activism. The event served as a testament to Josephine's role as a symbol of compassion and resilience in the face of injustice.

The Scholar's Supper Series is run by Josephine Butler College's Middle Common Room, with the aim of bringing together researchers to promote knowledge and understanding within the community.


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