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Artist in Residence - Jasper Turnbull

Josephine Butler College is thrilled to announce its newest addition to the community, Jasper Turnbull, who will be serving as the Artist-in-Residence for the year 2024. Hailing from the vibrant city of Newcastle upon Tyne, Jasper brings with him a wealth of creativity and passion for the arts.

With an extensive background as a costume and set designer, Jasper's work is a testament to his love for innovation and experimentation. Each project he undertakes is a unique journey, showcasing his versatility and dedication to pushing boundaries within the realm of artistic expression.

In addition to his professional endeavours, Jasper is deeply committed to nurturing the next generation of creative minds. His work with young people in theatres and schools reflects his belief in the transformative power of the arts. By empowering individuals to explore their creative potential, Jasper aims to inspire a new wave of visionaries who will shape the future of the arts landscape.

"We are thrilled to announce Jasper Turnbull as our new Artist-in-Residence," said Professor Gillian Hampden-Thompson Principal of Josephine Butler College. "His passion for the arts, coupled with his commitment to social engagement, aligns perfectly with our ethos of celebrating creativity and fostering connections within our community."

The theme for Jasper's residency is "CELEBRATE," reflecting the college's commitment to celebrating diversity, creativity, and social change through art. With support from Josephine Butler College and with Waddington Street United Reformed Church, Jasper will have the opportunity to further develop his creative practice in a supportive and inspiring environment.

In addition to his work at Josephine Butler College, Jasper will also collaborate with Waddington Street United Reformed Church as part of an existing Intergenerational Project. This partnership aims to strengthen ties between the college, the university, and the local community, enriching the cultural fabric of Durham.

As Jasper prepares to embark on his residency in May, anticipation is high for the innovative collaborations and artistic endeavours that lie ahead. Stay tuned for updates on Jasper Turnbull's residency and the exciting projects he will undertake during his time at Josephine Butler College.