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Josephine Butler Alumni Interns

In a bid to strengthen ties with its extensive network of former students, Josephine Butler College proudly announces the appointment of Jenny Walker-Owen and Emily Crichlow as the Butler Alumni Development Interns. With a fresh perspective and boundless enthusiasm, the duo aims to invigorate alumni engagement, placing alumni ideas and contributions at the forefront of college initiatives.

The appointment of Jenny and Emily heralds a new era for Butler’s alumni relations, as the college seeks to foster a vibrant community spirit that transcends time and distance. Regardless of the year of departure, whether it was in 2009 or 2019, former students are encouraged to play an active role in shaping the future trajectory of alumni projects, nurturing the enduring sense of belonging that characterises the Butler experience.

"At Butler, we believe that once you've been part of our community, you carry a piece of it with you wherever you go," remarked Jenny. "Our goal is to harness that shared spirit and create avenues for meaningful connections among our alumni."

Central to their mission is the recent relaunch of Josephine Butler College's social media platforms, providing alumni with a digital nexus to stay connected with the college and each other. Through these channels, Jenny and Emily will unveil an initiative—the formation of a dedicated 'Butler Alumni Group.' Open to all former students, this group promises to be a collaborative space where alumni can share event ideas and forge new connections.

Emily expressed her excitement about the forthcoming alumni group, stating, "We envision it as a dynamic forum where alumni can not only reminisce about their time at Butler but also actively contribute to its ongoing success. It's about harnessing the collective wisdom and energy of our alumni community."

In addition to facilitating peer-to-peer connections, Jenny and Emily plan to shine a spotlight on the achievements of outstanding alumni through regular 'spotlight' articles. These features will celebrate the diverse accomplishments of former students, showcasing the impact they have made in various fields since leaving Butler.

"For us, it's not just about celebrating individual successes but also about showcasing the rich tapestry of talent within our alumni network," remarked Jenny. "We want every former student to feel proud of their association with Butler and inspired by the achievements of their fellow alumni."

To stay informed about the latest developments and initiatives, alumni are encouraged to follow Josephine Butler Alumni on social media. By searching 'Josephine Butler Alumni,' former students can ensure they remain connected to the vibrant community and exciting opportunities that lie ahead.

"We're incredibly excited about the journey ahead and look forward to connecting with as many alumni as possible," concluded Emily.