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About Our Accommodation

Our premium accommodation offers a modern feel and is perfect for both Undergraduate and Postgraduate students.

South College has 496 bedrooms in total. All of our accommodation is located on the Mount Oswald site which means that it is a few minutes walk from the College buildings such as College Office, the College Café-Bar, the Junior Common Room (JCR), the College Study Space, the MUGA (Multi Use Games Area), and the Hub.

Our Town Houses each hold twelve students across three floors with a bathroom between every two rooms. On the ground floor of each Town House is a large kitchen and dining area with lockable cupboards, ovens, hob, and fridge/freezers.

Our En-suite rooms are in cluster flats of five to eight rooms, each cluster has its own fully equipped kitchen and dining area. We also have five accessible rooms that have access to kitchens with bespoke adjustable countertops and accessible appliances.

We have five wheelchair accessible bedrooms for those students who require this type of accommodation.

Residence charges are inclusive of heating, electricity, water and WIFI. The laundry facilities are located in the Hub with washing machines and dryers that are operated on a pay as you go basis.

The allocation of bedrooms takes place in the summer. Bedrooms are allocated based on the information provided by new students on their accommodation application. For first-year undergraduates this will be sent to applicants shortly following A level results.

Accommodation cost for academic year 2022-2023 can be found HERE (note, all rooms in South College have 3/4 beds).

External picture of a South College Town House

South College Town Houses

An image of two girls sitting in a town house room

A town house bedroom

A picture of a bathroom with a sink, toilet and shower

A town house bathroom

A picture of the inside of a town house kitchen. Shown are a table with chairs, bar seating at a work space, and a large prep and cooking area.

The dining space in a town house kitchen

A picture of the inside of a town house kitchen. Shown are a large prep and cooking area, an oven and hob, and 3 refrigerators.

A town house kitchen

A picture of the inside of a town house kitchen. Shown is the kitchen bar, dining area with a table and chairs, and a sitting area with sofas.

The dining and social space in a town house kitchen


External shot of accommodation block

South College En-suite Accommodation

A picture of an en-suite room taken from the entrance. Pictured are a desk and chair, and a doorway to a toilet and shower.

An en-suite room from the entrance

an image of a boy sitting in a bedroom at a desk

An en-suite bedroom

A picture of a shower door in one of our en-suite blocks

An en-suite bathroom

A picture of a toilet, sink, and mirror

An en-suite bathroom

Pictured is one of our cluster flat kitchens for 8 en-suite rooms. Shown are a large sink, 2 ovens and 2 sets of hobs. There is also a window that shows trees across from the kitchen.

A cluster flat kitchen for our en-suite rooms