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Welcome to New Students

"Welcome to South College. As a new Southie Professor Tim Luckhurstyou will share in the adventure of building our diverse and inclusive community. Here, we can all enjoy some of the best days of our lives. As a new College in this great University, South offers tremendous opportunities for students with great ideas who want to contribute to a growing sense of pride, character and identity. Secure within Durham’s family of Colleges, South has already proved that it is a fountain of fresh ideas that add to and enhance Durham’s glorious tradition. A spirit of creativity and ambition fills our beautiful new buildings.

South is a warm, friendly and supportive College – a community of learning, respect, but also fun. Of course, all students and staff aim for academic excellence, but South also plays a full part in the wider student experience that makes Durham so special. Whether you adore sport, drama, music or games, or comedy, debating or current affairs, you will be delighted that South is now your home.

As a seventeen-year-old in 1980, I had the life-enhancing experience of becoming one of the first students at a new college in an ancient university. The experience I gained as a pioneer there gave me the confidence to create and lead at home and abroad for the BBC, The Scotsman newspaper, as the founder of a new university department and a television station, and as a campaigner for freedom of speech. I am proud that South College offers similar and, perhaps, even greater opportunities to all Southies. I am delighted that you have joined and that together we can enhance still further this inspiring community of students, academics and professional staff.

Of course, South will continue to look to the example of its fellow colleges as it continues to develop. There are still many choices to make and opportunities to seize. But already, by working together in partnership and creativity, we have made our College an excellent place to live, learn and build friendships that will last a lifetime. At South College you will have the opportunity to combine studying for your degree with the joy of contributing to a truly ambitious new College."

Professor Tim Luckhurst MA, FRSA
Principal of South College