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Our social dining is rightly famous and we look forward to the day when we can organise our formals again. For now, as the Covid-19 situation evolves, we will be ensuring that our catering provision remains consistent with government guidelines and good safety practices, to offer the best we safely can to our students and staff.

See the central Catering pages for the latest information.

Outside of pandemic conditions, our usual dining arrangements are these:

Catering during term-time

In Aidan’s eating together plays a big role in our community. People quickly make friends at breakfast or brunch. We cater for halal, vegan, vegetarian or gluten-free.

Formal dinners

There are Formal Dinners of some kind in College three to five times a term. From annual events such as Burns’ Night, Chinese New Year and Valentines Formal to a changing programme of fancy dress formals, we are renowned for our creativity and imaginative entertainment.

St Aidan's College Formal

Kosher kitchen

 In addition to our main kitchen, we host the University kosher kitchen, which supports the Jewish Shabbat meals and festivals organised by the Durham Jewish Students and Staff Society and sponsored by Hillel. The kosher kitchen means that all catering will conform to Jewish dietary law concerning food and its preparation. We are proud to host  the Jewish Society in a dedicated space for Friday night dinners, as well as other events including speakers, film nights and festival celebrations.

Kitchen space

All students living in College have access to a basic kitchen.

Postgraduate catering

Aidan’s postgraduates are all fully catered during undergraduate term times. At St Aidan's College we offer catered accommodation to postgraduate students. Eating with other postgraduates and with senior undergraduates really helps you to integrate into the community.

Postgraduates on a catered accommodation let are fully-catered during undergraduate term-time. Meals are held in our dining hall three times a day, Monday to Friday, plus brunch and an evening meal on Saturday and Sunday.

Outside of term-time: You are self-catered and many postgraduates choose to cook together.

Elizabeth Pease House

Kitchen facilities are available for you to self-cater during the vacation periods. Nine to ten students share one kitchen. All kitchens are equipped with fridge freezers and ample cupboard space for each student.

The "New" Houses

Every House has a cosy kitchen-sitting room located on the ground floor for social use throughout the year and self-catering during vacations.