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Alumni Association

Darren Funnell was recently elected the new Chair of the Hild Bede Alumni Association Committee. 

Tony Smith will resume his position of Treasurer, with the help of his daughter Megan as Assistant Treasurer.  

Here is the new Chair's manifesto: 

"The Association exists to continue the experience and foster the rich community that comes with being an Alumni of Hild/Bede College. It has a diverse and exciting membership that have their own expectations of what being part of the Association means. The Association needs to look across this membership and understand how college life can be extended to those who contributed so much in the past - and in the future.  

"The Association needs to be energetic and engaging. It should be a community that students, college and alumni are proud of. It needs to be rebranded and marketed effectively across all forms of communication to promote the widest engagement in what it means to be part of Hild/Bede.  

"The Association needs to understand what its members care about. Whilst not ignoring traditional, and well loved, methods of communication the Association should leverage virtual and social media platforms (Instagram, PodCasts) to bring college and Association members experience and achievements to the fore. There should be a sense that everyone can contribute virtually - or otherwise - to be part of a renewed Association. By fostering this virtual/ traditional community - and doing this with vigour and frequency - the Association can be a positive example in the promotion and extension of college life. This engagement will eventually help us all renew our enthusiasm for the Association and provide impetus to local/regional organised activities and events.  

"I would welcome your support in electing me to the position of Chair so that I can deliver on this next phase in Association life."