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Getting Home

Getting HomeWalking home in the dark

Durham is a very safe city but it is always good practice to stick to well-lit routes when walking after dark. You can download the Night Lights map and see the lit routes to follow when walking home.

Find out more information on exploring the local area on foot on the Greenspace Travel pages.

River safety

In Durham City and at Queen's Campus we are very lucky to have the natural beauty of the River Wear and River Tees and to be able to use them for water sports activities, but it is important to remember that rivers can be dangerous.

Take care at all times around the rivers but especially avoid walking along riverbanks during hazardous weather conditions or after nights out drinking.

Never act carelessly near the rivers. Students who recklessly endanger their own lives (and those of others) in this way are also likely to be committing a disciplinary offence that could have serious repercussions for their studies.

Taking a taxi

Don't get into a taxi that is not from a taxi rank or that you haven't booked as it may be an unlicensed vehicle. You could use the DSU Night Cab (£2.00 per person within a 2-mile radius of the City Centre).

Buses and trains

Find out more about local transport links on the Greenspace Public Travel pages.


Cycling is a great way to get around the city. For safety tips and more information on routes, groups and much more, visit the Greenspace Cycling pages.