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Online Safety

Online SafetyIt's important to consider your personal online safety and to protect your personal details.

Here are a few tips on online safety:

  • Check your privacy settings on social media
  • Choose secure passwords and don't have the same one for all of your email or online accounts
  • Think about what personal information you have online and whether it is necessary for it to be there. Only post information that you would be happy to display on a poster in a public place
  • Look out for scams, such as requests to confirm or supply bank account details or personal information, or fake texts regarding parcel deliveries
  • Be careful not to overshare information on your movements. Highlighting that you are going to be away from your accommodation could provide an opportunity for thieves
  • Never post comments that are abusive or may cause offence

Some basic information on IT security can be found on the Computing and Information Services web pages.

The National Cyber Security Centre website offers advice and guidance on a wide range of cyber-related topics, as well as the latest news on security threats and links to training resources.

You can report fraud or cyber crime at Action Fraud or by calling 0300 123 2040.