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Club Captain: Sophie Granville
Coach: Felix Ringel


Durham University Handball Club was founded in August 2014, meaning that we are one of the youngest teams within Team Durham. Being a part of such a young club offers members many exciting opportunities to experience handball, whilst continuing to contribute to the future of the club.


Handball is a massive sport globally that is growing rapidly in the UK, with 2021/22 being the first year that Handball was a BUCS sport. We have 2 men’s and 2 women’s teams, with the A teams being performance based and the B team being ideal for all new players!


Despite the youth of the club, in our first year of existence, we made it to the national finals in the ABUHC University Championship 2014/15 and finished 2nd in the 2017/18 season. Last year our men finished 9th in Division 1, while our women’s team have earned medals in each year since their introduction in 2018/19.


The Durham Handball community has always been a friendly, caring environment, loved by its members, epitomised during the inaugural “Legends” event last year, where we hosted an intercollege cup-cum-alumni tournament. We had around 80 people compete, including previous members from all years of the club’s existence, including some who were happy to travel from Norway, France and Germany just to attend.


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We continue our efforts to improve as a club and strive for excellence, with an aim to be the most enjoyable handball club in the country. All are welcome to participate in any of our training sessions and enjoy the sport together.

If you’d like to join, feel free to message the club and enquire about training times!


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Handball team


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