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Club Captains: Oliver Crowe
Coach: Edward Ferrie


The Olympic sport of judo is a fast-paced and dynamic form of physical sport and self-defence. Many of the techniques used in Judo originated from Ju Jitsu, the idea being that Judo (the gentle way) would be a safer and less hazardous form of Ju Jitsu. Originally taught with kicks and punches, Judo evolved into the wrestling like sport that it is today when it became an Olympic sport in the 1960's.


Durham University Judo Club (DUJC) is a thriving club open to students of the University as well as members of the public, age 16+. Come along to our regular sessions where complete novice and experienced players alike can improve their judo, strength and fitness, thanks to our effective, qualified coaches, all within a friendly atmosphere. We practise judo three times a week and have further fitness twice a week. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch, come and join in on a session or just watch us sweat. Otherwise, please follow us on Facebook, where there are regular updates about the team. The club is one of the largest and most successful minority sports clubs in the University and also fields a highly successful team at the BUCS Championships each year. We also compete at other events throughout the year.

Additional Information:


The club is structured so that both beginners and advanced Judoka (Practitioners of Judo) can train together without disrupting the harmony of the club. DUJC operates an intensive beginner programme each year under the expert tuition of the club’s head coach and therefore can cater for people who wish to compete at a high level, those who have not trained for a long time, beginners or even those who just wish to study Judo for self-defence.

We are a strong community and while a lot of the team spirit is formed on the mat there are also regular socials to help with this too.



Our training times are Wednesdays and Sundays at 7-10pm, and Saturdays at 12-2pm.