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Club Captains: Beth Taylor & Caitlin Sharkey 

Coaches: Georgia Donohue and Marie Ewing

We are a welcoming, tight-knit club, with a work-hard play hard mentality. 


BUCS games take place on Wednesday afternoons, and all club members enjoy attending and supporting the games of other teams. Socials take place on Wednesday nights, and nothing is better than celebrating a whitewash of wins! 


The 2022/23 was a huge success, with league wins securing 3 promotions, as well as 1 cup win. We want to build on this success and can't wait to see what the 2023/24 season can bring! 

Additional Information


DUNC has 6 teams entered in BUCS leagues, who compete at a highly competitive standard. 1s and 2s have 2 court sessions and 2 gym sessions per week, 3s and 4s have 2 court sessions and a fitness session per week, and 5s and 6s have 2 court sessions and a fitness session per week. Specialist, position-specific sessions take place during the week to make the most of the extraordinary facilities Durham has to offer. 


If you're an incoming student for the 2024/25 season and you're interested in representing Durham University Netball Club, please contact Beth Taylor and Caitlin Sharkey ( We would love to hear from you!