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Levelling Up: Aspire Higher Maths Programme


How does the Maths Programme work?

The main aspects of the Maths Programme are:

  • Academic tuition and support to stretch and challenge you in maths;
  • Mentoring and support in the application for and success in Higher Education; 
  • Developing links with the academic community by working with Durham undergraduate students and special visits to Durham University.


Academic tuition and support

You will receive high quality materials prepared by the London Mathematical Society and a structured study programme.

The programme runs from March of Year 12, through Year 13, and there will be regular online tutorials in small groups. These tutorials are led by tutors chosen from our Durham Maths Undergraduate Programme.

Mentoring and support

Covid-19 permitting, there will be face-to-face days with your tutors and members of the Maths Department at Durham University to discuss the application process and what it is like to study maths at university.

You will be invited to online guest lectures given by renowned academics in a range of STEM subjects. These will demonstrate how different aspects of the subjects are applied in a wide variety of STEM careers.

Developing links with the academic community

You will have the opportunity to get to know and work with current Durham Maths undergraduate students in the tutorials, and with members of the Durham Maths Department via special visits.


What will I do on the programme?

Starting in March 2023, cohort 3 will receive high quality material and attend a 90-minute online small group tutorial every two weeks during term time. Before each tutorial, there will be a couple of pages for you to read which will prepare you for the tutorial problems. 


Entry requirements for the Maths Programme

Please note, to participate in the Maths Programme, you must be studying the following A-level (or equivalent) subjects: A-level Maths and AS* Further Maths (*please see the Durham Maths Undergraduate Course Webpages for information about applying to study maths at Durham).

Further information about eligibility is on our Eligibility Criteria page.