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Our People

Academic Staff

Prof. Chris GreenwellHead of Department
Prof. Jas Pal S. Badyal FRSProfessor
Prof. Colin D. BainProfessor
Prof. Ian R. BaxendaleDirector of Impact
Dr Simon BeaumontAssociate Professor
Prof. Andrew BeebyProfessor
Dr William BrittainLeverhulme Early Career Fellow
Prof. Martin R. BryceProfessor
Dr David CartyAssociate Professor
Prof. Steven CobbProfessor
Dr Philippa CofferAssistant Professor
Dr Sharon J. CooperAssociate Professor
Prof. Philip W. DyerProfessor
Prof. John S.O. EvansProfessor
Prof. Ivana EvansProfessor
Dr Mark A. FoxAssistant Professor
Dr Allegra FranchinoAssistant Professor
Prof. Paul HodgkinsonProfessor
Prof. David R.W. HodgsonProfessor
Prof. Judith A. K. HowardProfessor Emeritus
Dr Andrew HughesDirector of Education
Prof. Lian HutchingsProfessor
Prof. Jeremy M. HutsonProfessor
Dr Karen E. JohnstonAssociate Professor
Prof. Ritu KatakyProfessor
Dr Matthew O. KitchingAssistant Professor (Research) and Royal Society University Research Fellow
Dr Clare MahonAssistant Professor
Dr Paul R. McGonigalAssociate Professor
Dr Julieta Litka MilianAssistant Professor (Teaching)
Dr Mark MillerAssociate Professor
Prof. AnnMarie C. O'DonoghueProfessor
Dr Lars-Olof PålssonAssociate Professor
Prof. Robert PalProfessor
Prof. David ParkerProfessor
Professor Ehmke PohlProfessor
Professor Nigel RobinsonProfessor (Visiting)
Prof. Jacquie RobsonProfessor (Teaching)
Dr John M. SandersonAssociate Professor
Prof. Jonathan W. SteedProfessor
Prof. Patrick G. SteelProfessor
Dr Russell TaylorAssistant Professor
Dr Richard ThompsonAssociate Professor
Prof. David J. TozerProfessor
Prof. Jan R.R. VerletDirector of Research
Dr James W. WaltonAssociate Professor
Prof. Andy WhitingProfessor
Prof. J.A. Gareth WilliamsProfessor
Prof. Mark Richard WilsonProfessor
Dr Eckart WredeAssociate Professor (Reader)

Research Staff

Dr Abdul-lateef AdedigbaResearch Associate
Dr Aisha BismillahResearch Associate
Dr Stephen BoothroydResearch Associate
Dr Patrycja BrookResearch Associate
Dr Sophie CloughResearch Associate
Dr Graham CooperResearch Associate
Dr Genevieve DucheResearch Associate
Dr Jack FradgleyResearch Associate
Dr Stefanie Freitag-PohlResearch Associate
Dr Matthew FryeResearch Associate
Dr Jemma GibbardResearch Associate
Dr Savannah GibsonResearch Associate
Dr Sarah GoodbandResearch Associate
Dr Songul GuryelResearch Associate
Dr Amy HallResearch Associate
Dr Yu HarasawaResearch Associate
Dr Daniel HollasResearch Associate
Dr David HoyleResearch Associate
Dr Benjamin HuddartResearch Associate
Dr Oto-obong InyangResearch Associate
Dr David KingRoyal Society Entrepreneur in Residence
Dr Suman KuilaResearch Associate
Dr Catherine Le-sueurResearch Fellow
Dr Matthew LeiversResearch Associate
Professor Anju Massey-brookerProfessor in Practice
Mr Bijit MukherjeeResearch Associate
Dr Matt MulveeResearch Associate
Dr Antonella PagliaruloResearch Associate
Dr David PictonResearch Associate
Mr Akkharadet PiyasaengthongResearch Associate
Dr Exequiel PortaCOFUND Fellow
Dr Thomas PotterResearch Associate
Dr Antonio PrljResearch Associate
Horst PuschmannProfessor in Practice
Dr Emma PuttockResearch Associate
Ms Alma Santibanez-mendietaResearch Associate
Dr Catriona SellickResearch Associate
Mr Alvin ShekResearch Associate
Dr Yiping ShiResearch Associate
Dr German Sinuco-leonResearch Associate
Dr Yulong SunResearch Associate
Dr Emma TarrantResearch Associate
Dr Martin WalkerResearch Associate
Dr L YangResearch Associate
Dr Andrea ZachariouResearch Associate
Dr Jiayun ZhuResearch Associate

Business Process and People Services

Mr A BaxterFinance Assistant
Mrs Nicola BramfittLearning and Teaching Manager
Dr Margaret LeightonNTD Network Project Officer
Mrs Gillian LongthorneLearning and Teaching Administrator
Mr Paul ReynoldsLearning and Teaching Administrator
Miss Helene RusbyFinance Manager
Dr Lara SmallLevelling Up: Aspire Higher Programme Manager
Mr Andy WalkerSenior Research Administrator
Mrs Emma WordenMoSMed CDT Manager
Mrs Lynn YoungLearning and Teaching Administrator

Technical Teaching Research Services

Dr Juan A Aguilar MalaviaResearch Officer
Mr K ApplebyElectronics Workshop
Mr Aaron BrownGlassblowing
Mr WD CarswellResearch Services/Waste Disposal
Dr O ChetinaTechnician
Dr Aileen CongreveSenior Research Officer
Dr Bryan DentonSupervisor, Electronics Workshop
Mr I EdwardsBiochemistry
Miss Claire FairishLaboratory Attendant
Dr Alexander GreenawayHealth and Safety Manager
Mrs CF HeffernanNMR liquid-state
Mr PA HofmannUndergraduate teaching & Facilities Manager
Mr RN HolmesSupervisor, Mechanical Workshop
Dr Eric HughesExperimental Officer
Mrs E KnightonSupervisor, Undergrad. lab.
Mr LW LauchlanChromatography
Mr G OswaldResearch Services
Dr D ParkerMass Spec
Mrs Alison ReidLaboratory Attendant
Mr M RichardsonSupervisor, Glassblowing Workshop
Mr Connor SibbaldSenior Technical Manager
Ms AL SmithLaboratory Attendant
Mr Ivan SmithLaboratory Attendant
Mr G SouthernStores maintenance
Mr Peter StokesExperimental Officer, Mass Spec
Miss Kerry StrongTeaching Laboratory Technician
Dr Emily UnsworthElemental Analysis
Mrs VO WatsonLaboratory Attendant
Mr Paul WhiteMechanical Workshop Technician
Dr DS YufitSenior Experimental Officer