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Catalysis and Sustainable Chemical Processes

Research Grouping Members
Dr Simon Beaumont Research Grouping Leader
Prof. Ian R. Baxendale Member
Prof. Chris Greenwell Member
Dr David R.W. Hodgson Member
Dr Matthew O. Kitching Member
Dr Paul R. McGonigal Member
Prof. AnnMarie C. O'Donoghue Member
Prof. Patrick G. Steel Member
Dr Russell Taylor Member
Dr James W. Walton Member


The CSCP Grouping involves contributions from academic staff across Chemistry covering a range of interests and specialisms.

We are happy to be approached directly as individuals or for people to contact the research grouping leader, Simon Beaumont, to help make connections to someone with suitable expertise for possible projects. We warmly encourage you to get in touch!

For enquiries about the external use of facilities contact our Commercial Contracts Officer, Dr Pamela Robinson by email, at