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Functional Molecules and Materials

The Functional Molecules and Materials Research Grouping addresses many of the major challenges concerning the preparation, analysis and exploitation of functional molecules and materials across the chemical spectrum.

The current strategic research areas include Energy Generation, Storage and Conversion; Imaging, Sensing and Detection; Electronic and Photoresponsive Molecules and Materials; Bioactive, Biomimetic and Pharmaceutical Molecules and Materials; Characterisation and Methodology Development.Usin a range of scientific skills from synthesis to physical and photo-physical properties measurements and computation and state of the art facilities and analytical techniques.
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Molecular structure

Functional Molecules and Materials

Preparation, analysis, understanding and exploitation of functional molecules and materials with applications from materials science to the life sciences. Our focus areas include energy generation, storage and conversion, imaging, sensing and detection, electronic, magnetic and photoresponsive properties, bioactive and pharmaceutical behaviour.

1. Further develop strengths in photo active materials and molecules for sensing and therapeutics;

2. Develop new research strengths in switchable molecular materials and their applications.

3. Strengthen energy materials research strands including enhanced training through the Renewable Energy CDT (ReNu). 



Research Grouping Leader: Prof Ivana Evans

Dr David Apperley, Dr Andrei Batsanov, Prof Andrew Beeby, Dr Simon Beaumont, Prof Martin Bryce, Dr Steven Cobb, Prof Karl Coleman, Dr Sharon Cooper, Dr Aileen Congreve, Dr Ivana Evans, Prof John Evans, Dr Mark Fox, Prof Paul Hodgkinson, Prof Judith Howard, Dr Karen Johnston, Prof Ritu Kataky, Dr P R J McGonigal, Dr Robert Pal, Dr Lars-Olof PĂ„lsson, Prof David Parker, Prof Gareth Williams, Dr Dmitry Yufit