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About Physical Organic and Assembly

Our POA group members deploy the tools of physical organic chemistry, such as kinetics, binding, crystallographic and photophysical studies, to understand how molecules react and assemble into larger aggregates such as gels.

Exploiting cutting edge kinetic analysis for operando delineation of mechanisms and predicting reactivity patterns in areas including chiral quaternary ammoniums, reactivity scales of carbenes and phosphorylation reactions.
Delivering quantitative understanding of the intermolecular interactions underpinning self-assembly processes.
Applying our understanding to new chemistries including enzyme cofactors, industrial biocatalysts and designer crystallisations.


Our Current Research

  • Exploitation of gelation to facilitate crystallisation
  • Understanding mechanisms and reactivities trends in organocatalytic and asymmetric synthetic processes
  • Design and synthesis of organic and organometallic systems for OLED, biosensing and energy-harvesting/storage applications
  • Development of shapeshifting molecules as frameworks for new functional materials
  • Measuring, understanding and controlling reagent reactivities through kinetic studies
  • Development and understanding of molecular machines
  • Crystal engineering