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Women in Engineering Society (WES) Durham

The Women in Engineering Society Durham (WES Durham) is a group based in the Department for Engineering and an education partner of the Women Engineering Society (WES), which is the largest organisation of professional female engineers in the UK. DU WES aims to inspire, support, and bring together those who identify as women engineers and those who support women engineers, and also raise awareness about the achievements of women in engineering​. WES Durham achieves those aims by organising speaker events, informal group meetings, outreach events, meetings with industries, PhD insight events, logo competitions and so on. The group is led by an Admin Team consisting of Dr Beth Barnes, Dr Nur Sarma, Professor Andrew Gallant, Emilia Russell, Lauren Miller, Kate Dalrymple, Ella Rippin, Mana Saeed who are a mix of staff and students. WES Durham is for everyone from undergraduates to postgraduates to staff - all of you are welcome. If you'd like to find out more about the group, please email or follow us on Instagram (Durham Uni WES), Facebook (WES Durham) and Teams (

Women in Engineering Society Durham