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Geotechnics and Environmental Engineering

We offer expertise in Foundations for Infrastructure, Offshore Energy Cables and Foundations, Nanomaterials for Enhanced Building Materials, Ground/Soil Contamination, Extreme Conditions. Our scope also includes sustainable development, water resource management, flood warning, disaster management, rebuilding soil health, land remediation, air quality control, water treatment, carbon capture and storage, computational hydraulics, hydrological modelling, sediment transport, contaminant transport, agent based modelling, environmental impacts and uncertainty quantification. 

We aim to 

  • tackle the challenges of ensuring sustainability and resilience of infrastructure with particular focus on climate change impacts
  • carry out forefront research in the emerging field of offshore geotechnics
  • Develop scientific methods to improve performance in environmental engineering and sustainable development
  • Bring together multi-disciplinary researchers and stakeholders to develop sustainable and resilient engineering solutions

Areas of interest:

  • Mechanics of unsaturated soils

  • Climate adaptation and resilience of infrastructure

  • Infrastructure for renewable energy

  • Offshore Geotechnics

  • Mathematical modelling for geo-energy management, water resource management and river flood forecasting

  • Soil improvement technologies to rebuild soil microbiome for carbon sequestration, flood and drought resilience and land remediation
  • Agent based modelling to plan for human response to environmental disasters and increase resilience for cities in the future

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