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20 June 2022 - 20 June 2022

12:00PM - 6:00PM

Elvet Riverside 141

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This is the image alt text This event is part of the series Unregarded: Forms of 'Outside' in Art Writing

This afternoon workshop will offer ten-minute presentations on the theme of 'outside'. Centring on Art Writing's mobility as a form and its intuitive correspondence with visual culture, the workshop will take an aptly creative-critical focus, providing a forum in which scholars and practitioners may present works-in-progress, new writings or ideas that might occur between (or, indeed, 'outside') disciplines, departments, or definitions.

The workshop invites contributions that challenge interpretations of ‘outside’: the out-of-doors, outside the frame, outsider art, the non-human, forms of resistance and protest, the carceral state, the non-traditional, prosthetic technologies, outside as practice, the creative life, the ethics of ‘outside’. It asks how categories of ‘inside’ or ‘outside’ inform our understanding of art writing – a discipline that occupies a relatively recent and ambivalent place within the institution, and which occurs between and beyond theory and practice. What does the notion of ‘outside’ reveal or put at stake?

As points of reflection within the workshop, two featured speakers, author Preti Taneja and Brass Art, will also offer their thoughts on the “Outside” through presentations of recent material, followed by Q&A sessions. 

The program offers creative opportunities for networking and the sharing of knowledge between students, researchers and practitioners. This event is part of the Unregarded series.



Free (A small number of bursaries for travel are available to students and unwaged)