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Staff and Students standing in two rows in a lecture room

The Law and Global Justice Centre collaborated with the student-led Justice Society to organise a parliamentary style debate in February 2022. Six debates took place at the semi-finals with other 40 students participating. The motion was 'The unequal protection afforded to peoples seeking asylum from climate devastation is in breach of international human rights law.' Students were mentored by Dr Jane M Rooney and Dr Petra Minnerop in devising arguments for and against this motion

The finalists moved on from the preliminary rounds of the debate to compete in the finals on Friday the 25th of February. The motion of the debate was: The treatment of the Rohingya peoples by the Republic of the Union of Myanmar constitutes genocide under the Convention on the Prevention of the Crime of Genocide 1951 and the Burmese Government should be held accountable under the provisions of the Convention.” The judges were composed of LGJD academics who ruled in favour of the opposition, Advocates Dhevina Maaran, Justin Kim, and Emma Ghanem team. The other finalists were Advocates Saujanya Vinayy, Jada Buisson, and Chan Stephanie Sheena of the Proposition Team. This was an initiative led by LGJD student representatives. Many congratulations to all those involved!

From left to right (first the top row then the bottom), here are the names of the students in the picture:

Dhevina Maaran – Debater

Justin (Sungyup) Kim – Debater

Ghulam Mustafa Kamran – Organiser

Pearl Cheng – Organiser

Evelyn De-Wilde  – Organiser

Shreya Dristi – Organiser

Alicia Tan  – Organiser

Ms Oluseyi Olayanju PhD student, Judge

Mr Kristiyan Stoyanov PhD student, Judge

Dr Jane M Rooney, Assistant Professor in International Law, Judge

Xinque Li PhD student, Judge

Chan Stephanie Sheena – Debater


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