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Project description

Our research on Brexit and Northern Ireland has influenced policy makers, civil servants and government policy in the UK and Ireland. 

Primary participants

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About the research

Research by Performing Identities identifies significant gaps in understandings of Northern Ireland’s (NI) significance, to Brexit, especially across human rights, equality and citizenship. Both the Good Friday/Belfast Agreement (GFA) and the Common Travel Area (CTA) create an entirely separate Brexit context for NI which also shapes the structure of the withdrawal process and future relationships between the UK and EU and the UK and Ireland.

Our research shapes the policies of key decision-makers in the Brexit process, including:

  • Parliamentarians in Westminster, Dublin and Belfast.
  • Joint Committee of the Irish and Northern Ireland Human Rights Commissions.
  • Civil services of the UK and Ireland.

Public discourses on Brexit have also been enriched by greater knowledge and understanding of the significance of alterations to NI law and policy on the rest of the UK and EU.

Performing Identities’ work shaped decisions made on human rights reform in the UK Parliament, and shaped the policy position and advocacy of the Joint Committee of the Irish and Northern Ireland Human Rights Commissions with regards to London, Dublin and EU politicians. Our research led to changes in policy as regards to the Settled Status scheme and Irish citizens, and directly shaped the newly re-coordinated structures of the CTA and human rights monitoring post Brexit.


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