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Here you will find the briefings Dr Milne has published relating to her research. 

For a summary of the focus of the project, take a look at this infographic.

Vulnerable Women, Crisis Pregnancies and the Criminal Justice System

Dr Milne, with the support of a number of women's charities, briefed MPs and Peers at a meeting in the House of Lords. This briefing outlines the key issues.

Briefing front cover: Vulnerable Women

Foetal Protection Laws: A Dangerous Future for British Women

In this briefing, Dr Milne explains the dangers of foetal protection laws, and why legislation must be repealed to protect foetuses and women.

Briefing Front cover: Foetal Protection Laws

Abortion and the Criminal Law: The Need for Decriminalisation

In this briefing, Dr Milne explains why abortion needs to be removed from the criminal law.

Briefing front cover: Abortion and the Criminal Law

Concealment of Birth: A Case for Repeal

In this briefing, Dr Milne outlines why the criminal offence of concealment of birth should be removed from the criminal law.

Briefing front cover: Concealment of Birth

Telemedical Abortion and Mitigating "Crisis" Pregnancies

Dr Milne outlines the need for telemedical abortion to continue to be available for women to prevent an increase inwomen experiencing "crisis" pregnancies.

Briefing: Telemedical Abortion and Mitigating

Neonaticide and Suspicious Perinatal Death: Time for a New Perspective

In this briefing Dr Milne explores the need for a change in our understanding and approach to suspected newborn child killing by mothers. 

Report front cover: Neonaticide and Suspicious Perinatal Death