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Computational Physics


This module is designed to educate you in the various computational methods available to you as a physicist. As in Level 1, the course is taught entirely in Python.


The module has 9 lectures and 8 workshop sessions.


The lectures will focus on teaching you the theory behind various computational methods. You will then be expected to program your own version of these methods as part of a weekly assessment. The assessment also forms the basis of the workshop sessions.


You will be taught more on functions, graphing, and random numbers. You will also be taught numerical methods for tackling common problems in physics, such as differentiating, integrating, solving ODEs or solving linear algebra equations.


Course websites:

Course website

The course website is located at:

the website will collect all slides from the lectures in a search friendly way. I will also collect as series of FAQs to help with common queries.


Notebook server

The notebook server where assignements will be distributed, solved and submitted can be found at:

You can log in there using your CIS username and account.


You can find information and help on the Python programming language here and help on using the Notebook server here.

Further Reading

  • Computational Physics, N .J. Giordano & H. Nakanishi: ISBN 0-13-146990-8, E
  • Computational Physics, R. H. Landan, M. J. Paiz, C. C. Bordliann, ISBN 978-3-527-40626-5, B