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Having chosen an experimental project in a particular area, you work out how to do it!


Advice will be given, but you will be the leader of your own investigation. The important point here is that you will be doing result-oriented research, instead of simply following a script to get the "correct" answer. You will learn important skills regarding working on longer, more open-ended projects, such as:

  • Planning your time and resources effectively.
  • Deciding on your goals and judge when you have achieved them. Scary? Not at all, it's liberating! Isn't this why you wanted to study physics?
  • Deepening on computing skills.
  • Writing a full lab report in the style of scientific research.

The Level 3 laboratory is divided into several sections covering a range of Physics specialities. We will try to assign you to the laboratory of your choice.

By now you will be qualified as a real physicist.