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Level 3 - taking charge

Having chosen an experimental and/or computing project in a particular area, you work out how to do it!

It’s your chance to lead your own investigation, with helpful advice given by your supervisor. The key point here is that you will be moving away from simply following a script to get the “correct” answer and instead you will be doing result-oriented research.
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You will learn the crucial skills required to work on longer, more open-ended projects, such as:

  • Planning your time and resources effectively.
  • Deciding on your goals and judging when you have achieved them. Scary? Not at all, it's liberating!
  • Improving your computing skills.
  • Writing an extended report in the style of a scientific research article.

The Level 3 laboratory is split into three modules:

  • Advanced Labs: Finally, you have the opportunity to start using research-grade experimental apparatus.
  • Computing Project: Begin to use your computing skills on an extended investigation using simulations.
  • Team Project: Use your broader physics knowledge to solve challenges relevant to industry.

By the end of this year, you will be qualified as a real physicist!