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This is where you get to run the show. As in the real world, you start with an idea of what physical phenomena you wish to investigate. From this you define which measurements are needed and the precision to which they are made. There may be many such measurements that will be combined into the final result. You decide how to distribute your time between them - taking into account the relative difficulty in making the measurements.

Level 3 Lab Project Front

Once you know this, you can start to plan your experiment(s) using the available equipment and time. A formal project plan will help you get feed back. If you haven't got the right equipment, talk to the demonstrators and technicians, we encourage you to look beyond what might be provided on the bench. However, note that lead times to acquire certain equipment can be weeks or months so make sure to be organised and find out what you need early on in the experiment.

At various times, the demonstrators will check that your plan makes sense so that you can achieve your goals by the time the term is over and write your report by the deadline.

This will be done formally half way through the term. You will have a short meeting to discuss your progress so far and your plans for completion.

You will make extensive use of all the skills you have absorbed during the previous two years. You will need to show initiative in acquiring any new skills which may be required and in getting hold of extra information. You will notice that, compared with previous levels, there is relatively little information provided to you at the start of the project. This is deliberate. No longer are you following a recipe devised by someone else. You are in charge!

What you need to do

Due to Covid-19 the module is operating differently this year. For details, please go to the module pages on DUO.



If you have any question or comments regarding the Level 3 Laboratory module, please contact the relevant supervisor, preferably by email in the first instance.