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The Temple Chevallier Lectures

The Temple Chevallier series of occasional public lectures honours a remarkable Victorian clergyman, astronomer, and mathematician of international repute who, amongst many things, co-founded and taught Britain’s first course for civil engineers.



The 2009 Temple Chevallier lecture took place on Wednesday 4th March 2009 at 5.30 p.m in room 140 Elvet Riverside. It was given by the Rt Rev Dr Tom Butler, Bishop of Southwark and was entitled "God and Science, Pure and Applied"


 Name of Lecturer Institution at time of lecture Title of Lecture 
2009 Rt Rev Dr Tom Butler  Bishop of Southwark  God and Science, Pure and Applied?
2005 Dr David Wilkinson  Durham University  Proofs of the divine power? 
2001  Dr Robert Hawley University of Durham  The Journey: from science via engineering to technology 
1996  Sir Arnold Wolfendale, FRS  University of Durham  Life beyond the earth and life after the earth's demise? 
1991  Professor Geza Vermes  The Oriental Institute, Oxford  The Dead Sea scrolls: a new era in biblical and Jewish studies 
1990  Sir Micheal Atiyah, FRS  University of Oxford  New ideas in Geometry and Physics 
1989  Dr John Habgood  Archbishop of York  The scientist as priest