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1 December 2021 - 1 December 2021

4:00PM - 5:00PM

MS Teams

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Barnaby Raine, Columbia University, New York delivers the seminar 'How Will Capitalism End? Reconstructing Marx's View(s)'

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J.M.W. Turner (1834/5) “The Burning of the Houses of Lords and Commons”

 In striking contrast to value neutrality and sociological pessimism, emancipatory social theory once treated capitalist society as an historical phenomenon whose hidden trajectories included routes worth grasping to its dissolution. This paper challenges a common claim about Marx - that he had much to say about capitalism but little to say about its replacement - to show how his immanent critique offered resources more surprising than a call for proletarian dictatorship to direct an industrial society. We will hear how Marx identified in capitalism's fecund reorganisations of space, time and social subjectivity the bases for the further transformation of all three, challenging both labour and the state as forms of mediation for capital, and seeing how Marx's changing account compares with central claims of Weber and Foucault. This talk, which engages value-form, Althusserian and republican rereadings of Marx, presents work from Raine's PhD, provisionally titled Lost Horizon: Visions of Ending Capitalism and Britain's Twentieth Century

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