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9 March 2022 - 9 March 2022

4:00PM - 5:00PM

Hybrid. Room information will sent to you after you have registered.

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Professor Stephen Macdonald delivers the seminar '“Scratch That”: People with dyslexia’s biographies of exclusion and resistance' as part of the Sociology research seminar series.

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Professor Stephen Macdonald

In this lecture, Professor Macdonald will reflect upon his research experiences in order to consider the lived experiences of disabled people, particularly those with dyslexia and other neurodiverse conditions. The paper will illustrate the importance of defining ‘disability’ from a barrier-based approach. Professor Macdonald will illustrate the impact that disabling barriers have in education, employment, and adult services and how they particularly impact upon individuals from neurodiverse communities. He will discuss the development of disability theory which he has applied in different practice settings to conceptualise experiences of social and cultural exclusion affecting disabled people. The lecture ‘Scratch That’, applies disability theory to conceptualise the complex relationships between disability, neurodiversity, mental health, and social exclusion. In this lecture, Professor Macdonald will discuss his recent work concerning how a significant number of disabled people have experienced extreme forms of social exclusion such as finding themselves within the criminal justice system, at risk of victimisation, or even becoming homeless. He will argue that health, criminal justice, social work/care, social welfare, and housing agencies are in some measure unaware of the impact that neurodiversity can have in adulthood. The lecture will conclude by reflecting upon his work in the field of dyslexia, by considering what has changed after 27 years of social policies promoting anti‐discriminatory practice and inclusion, and by asking what still remains to be done.