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An upset child sitting against a wall with a hood pulled tightly over his head

Professor Simon Hackett, Department of Sociology, gave expert evidence to the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse on Thursday 25th October 2018.

As a Professor of Child Abuse and Neglect, Simon Hackett provided his specialist insight into children who sexually abuse other children, to help inform the Inquiry's work.

Professor Hackett is a recognised expert in this area of study. In 2017 he was the first author of the national Harmful Sexual Behaviour (HSB) framework launched by the NSPCC.

Professor Hackett has also authored a book called 'Children and Young People with Harmful Sexual Behaviours' which gives a concise review of research into HSB from the last 25 years.

The Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse is a national enquiry set up to address serious concerns that some organisations had failed and were continuing to fail to protect children from sexual abuse. The proceedings of the inquiry are live-streamed and are also made available on their YouTube channel.

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