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ESRC project success for colleagues in the Department of Sociology

A North of England Research Consortium, led by Dr Stephanie Scott (PI), Lecturer at Newcastle University, and Dr Michelle Addison (deputy-PI), Associate Professor at Durham University, has been given funding of more than £1.6 million by the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC). Co-I's working on the project, from the Department of Sociology at Durham include Dr Hannah King, Professor Stephen Macdonald, and Dr Alison Jobe. This grant will evaluate health and care inequalities experienced by marginalised and minoritised communities within the criminal justice system in England and Wales. 

The team will explore how health and justice systems could be improved to reduce the harm, stigma and inequality experienced by these communities by bringing together a health and justice research consortium. The evidence generated by this project will be co-developed with and for policymakers, practitioners and the public. 

Team expertise includes: Newcastle University, Population Health Sciences Institute Durham University, Department of Sociology Northumbria University, Department of Social Sciences The University of Manchester, Division of Population Health, Health Services Research and Primary Care 

ESRC is investing a total of £13 million in six ambitious new projects around the country to address a range of pressing regional, national and international issues, generating real impacts that will benefit communities.