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Post-Offer Visit Days - March 2022

Thank you very much for attending the post-offer visit days.  It was great to meet you.  We hope you had a good time exploring Durham, hearing about our programmes and meeting our staff and students.  On this page you will find links below to the PowerPoint slides that we shared on the day and you can find more information about our Department on our webpages.

We know that university decisions are really tough and you'll have received tonnes of information about Durham when you visited. You'll need some time to digest everything you've received and everything you saw, heard and experienced at your visit to Durham.  We want you to feel fully informed about what a Sociology or Criminology degree at Durham would entail so if you have any questions about our programmes, our Department or the university more generally, please don't hesitate to contact us.  You can email us at or you can DM us on Instagram or Facebook

Academic Admissions Staff

Dr Kim Jamie

Associate Professor

Kim Jamie Sociology Lecturer

Dr Alison Jobe

Assistant Professor

Sociology and Criminology 2022 Presentation Slides


 Sociology POVD 2022


Criminology POVD 2022