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Health and Social Theory

Health is a lens to the social. Our approach is multi-level, drawing together expertise around global trends such as:

  • climate change adaptation and environmental degradation
  • national and local health trends and service delivery systems
  • neighbourhood and community-based health promotion programmes
  • health professions
  • the study of individual health behaviours.

Our research combines inter-disciplinary knowledge and expertise around:

  • ageing (biology, technology, physical activity, and formal and informal networks of care and support)
  • professions and work (pharmacy, public health, sport and physical activity, social work, social care and governance, policy networks and capacity building)
  • behaviours (young mothers and breast feeding, nutrition, physical activity and weight loss)
  • community and place (health promotion, health inequalities, place, well-being and community pharmacy).

Core concepts include citizenship, the social contract and voice; measurement, self-rated health and evidence; and identity, equity, and equality.


Health and Social Theory postcard

Health and Social Theory Research Group Blog

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Postgraduate Research: Health and Social Theory

PhD student Salman Khan outlines his research into the intersection of mobilities of microbial disease risk and at-risk multi-ethnic populations of taxi drivers in the UK.

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