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Violence and Abuse

As violence and abuse show little sign of reducing, the question of how best to respond remains an important topic requiring interdisciplinary research across the social sciences and beyond.

Researchers within the Department are engaged in research on a range of forms of interpersonal violence and abuse including:

  • policing domestic and sexual violence
  • housing and domestic violence
  • rethinking justice responses
  • the role of men and masculinities in responding to violence and abuse
  • children and young people both in terms of victims of abuse and as users of abusive behaviours
  • older people’s experiences of gender based violence and responses to older people who perpetrate violence and abuse
  • the role of the media in reporting violence and abuse.

In addition, researchers are engaged in the application and development of new methodological approaches to the investigation of violence and abuse.

We have strong research partnerships with other academics and with statutory and voluntary sector partners and hold events which attract a large number of practitioners, policy makers, and survivors of violence and abuse.


Violence and Abuse postcard

Centre for Research into Violence and Abuse


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Postgraduate Research: Violence and Abuse

Sociology PhD student Cait Jobson discusses her research into help seeking for young people and LGBT+ people experiencing domestic violence and abuse.

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