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Language Courses for Students, Staff and Members of the Public

Our philosophy is that anyone who wants to learn a language should be able to do so.

We offer courses in up to 20 different languages for Durham University students, staff and members of the public, ranging from beginners to higher advanced level. Our courses are flexible and are offered in a variety of formats and lengths, with start dates in January, June and October each year. 

Registration now open for courses starting October 2022

We are in the process of expanding availability of and access to language learning at Durham University. As a result, our core programme is already open for registration. We will be opening additional courses for registration over the summer of 2022.  As such, if you wish to register for a course in a language or at a level which is not currently available, please keep an eye on our Twitter and Facebook feeds where we will announce new courses as they open, or contact us at and ask to be notified.

Registration deadlines

For Language Development courses, registration will close at midnight on Sunday 2 October 2022.
For Language Progression courses, registration will close at midnight on Sunday 9 October 2022.

Find a course suitable for you:

I am a complete beginner

Choose a Progression Beginners or Development Beginners Step 1 course from the list of available courses.

I have done a Durham University course before

Click the link above to check what the next level is, then view the list of available courses

I am not a beginner and I am new to Durham University courses

Click the link above for guidance on identifying the CFLS languages for All level which best meets your needs, then view the list of available courses.