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Course Frequently Asked Questions


I am not sure about my level. How can I get advice?
Please first check our general guidance. You can then fine-tune your choice by clicking on the summary of the syllabus covered in all levels in your language, you would be expected to be familiar with a good range of the topics covered in previous levels, as well as the necessary grammar. In the case of a language learning background making it difficult to identify the level, we may be able to put you in touch with the teacher for further evaluation.

Can I change the level if I realise the course is too easy/too hard after I started?
First, discuss with your current teacher to make sure this is the case (for instance some learners may feel others are performing better simply because they have more confidence and the teacher may reassure you that you are doing fine), If confirmed that another level would suit you better, and that course is available and not full, we will be able to transfer you.

When will I know the course is running?
An email will be sent to all registered learners a couple of days after the deadline when we have reliable numbers to confirm a course.

Will the course be cancelled if people drop out later?
Once a course has started, it will continue for those who are still attending.

Can I drop out and get a refund?
Please read our Terms and Conditions carefully when signing up as refunds are only possible up to a week before the start of your course. Exceptional circumstances for a refund outside of this time frame will be at the discretion of the director of the CFLS, based on a written request and supplied evidence.

What if my course clashes with an academic requirement?
In this exceptional case, you can send us proof of the clash (email from your department for instance) and you will be entitled to a refund.

How long is a session?
Courses are timetabled in 2 hour slots and allow for 10 minutes ‘break time’ which are used at the discretion of the teacher.

How many students will be in the class?
Most classes are capped at 17 students. For online classes, the typical cap is 15 students.

How much self-study is expected outside the class?
Successful language learning involves as much practice as possible and we recommend that you spend at least as much time on self-study as time in class.

Will I have to buy a textbook?
Most courses require the purchase of a textbook. Some exercises may be used in class and/or others set as self-study and not all exercises will be used or set by the teacher; these can however be used by learners as additional practice and of course, the book serves as a useful reference for learning. Teaching will not be based exclusively on the textbook as teachers also use supplementary resources and authentic materials.

Online courses

What are the technical requirements?
You will need access to the internet on a computer or laptop (a tablet is adequate but not ideal) via a modern and effective browser such as Microsoft Edge or Chrome. All language learners must have access to a camera and a microphone.

Can I use a mobile phone?
To gain most from the course, learners should be using a computer of some form (desktop or laptop). Learners can up to a point access the taught sessions using a tablet or mobile phone but the user’s experience if using a mobile phone exclusively will inevitably be limited or even problematic. On the other hand, using a phone as an extra screen can help some learners.

How will I get access to the course?
The teacher will send a link to all registered learners before the start of the course.

Will I just be listening to the course or will I be able to interact with the teacher and other learners?
Video conferencing platforms used in our courses have many interactive functions and you will be able to interact with everyone on the course in various ways (for instance via chats, shared screens, break out rooms for group or pair work etc.)

How much work will I be expected to do as self-study outside the class? Will it differ from a face-to-face course?
See our general recommendations for language learning above. Moreover, online course includes an element of ‘flip classroom’ whereby learners prepare in advance of the lesson to maximise meaningful interactions during contact time

Will the session be recorded?
Lessons will not be routinely recorded.